• Introduction

    Acceptance of the Light comes with the belief that the existence is part of a greater whole and that each movement is part of the Universal movement and cannot be identified in the singular (12.12.03)

    The earthly plane is merely an order to present the vibration variable of love universal truth. The sun, the moon, and the stars are the creation of affection for humans to express this love. (20.11.03)

    In the way that one is seen from the terms of the Universe it is discovered that there lies a depth of peace that can alter the states of one’s being. To move into this is to control the discernment between chaos and contentment. To remove the desire that is the instant and the material is to open the opportunity to step into true self. To see clearly that the true nature is in accord with the feelings of the self and that, which has confined and covered this true intention, is a construct of the passages of the trials outside oneself. (09.08.09) Understanding of love and self is in the revelation. The contemplation of practices of the inner self make way to the betterment of all. (14.01.10)